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My music reflects both what I feel and what I think. It´s a mirror of what I have learned and experienced from life. I was always striving truthfulness in music, in order to transfer it to my own life.
In order to express my thoughts and feelings, I have chosen jazz music as the most alive and spontaneous art form in music. Jazz can be changeable and adaptable to its respective time age. To give my music a category, I called it „world jazz“, as it contains sounds from different cultures all over the world. Some people may think, that this music is no longer jazz in the original meaning, but jazz is like water: It changes its shape fluently…
Considering „Weather Report“ as the group who influenced me most, I go my own musical way with the main goal to reach people who feel and think the way I do, or to put it in other words: Finding people all over the world, who receive my music on the same frequency I send it.